How to work with us?

We just want to work. Co-work, if you know what we mean.

Join Kombinat

Every beautiful mistake encourages you to keep making combinations how to change the world?
In that case, we dare you to join the eighteen creative workoholics.

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Be friends with Kombinat

You can become friends with Kombinat by participating in our projects. You can participate in a variety of ways, for instance by letting us use your container, donating seeds for anchovies, or lending us pallets and pillows. All of these are “small things” that make up a project. In this way we support the exchange of goods as a social practice, we get to know each other and together, create a community of active citizens.

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Hire Kombinat

You need thoughtful solutions from young experts that cannot even find their way “into the box” anymore? You don’t have the time to think about marketing, but you are aware of its significance? You need an army of creative freelancers to execute a dream project? Or you just need a simple but effective design of promo materials for your institution/firm/product?

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