About us

Kombinat works.

Creative Cluster Kombinat is a group of young freelance professionals engaged in the development and realisation of projects in the field of creative industries. We operate in the communication (visual and textual solutions as well as public relations) artistic and organisational field.

With our work we strengthen social practices that lead towards the development of diversity, collaboration and trust.

The creative people that are a part of Kombinat always work together. The designer seeks feedback from the copyrighter, the art historian negotiates with the illustrator, and the photographer consults with the PR specialist. They are all connected by the project leader that communicates with the client or the donor. Peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and skills makes Kombinat also serve as a platform for future young professionals. This way not only do we produce creative solutions but also support the development of the local community.

kombinat from lat. combinare: to fit together // combine – creating or looking for a combination.
The word kombinat refers to the production process in which the raw materials are treated into their marketable form.

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6 reasons to work with Kombinat


Because community is important to us.

We explore the social processes and realise programs that answer the needs of the community.


Because we are competent.

Using various approaches, tools and methods, Kombinat conceptualises, develops, realises and evaluates its ideas and those of its clients.


Because we are clear and direct.

Each of our products/services is a result of research, defining and thoughtful positioning.


Because we are not ashamed.

We know how to make the public interested. We dare to go into the world and have a conversation with the public. We can make the public active.


Because we are persistent.

We are fully aware of the work complexity necessary to develop projects. Despite all the obstacles, we don’t get disheartened easily. Every problem has a solution, it just needs to be found.


Because we know how to communicate.

In order for our ideas to find their way to the interested audience, we use media and marketing in their traditional, guerilla and digital forms.