The Giants of Patagonia

The Giants of Patagonia
TimeDecember 2015 - February 2017
Locationthe city of Rijeka
ClientNatural History Museum in Rijeka
TeamIvana Lučić / Marija Kajapi / Dragan Kordić / Mirna Gurdon / Marina Toto / Marko Luka Zubčić / Lea Jurin / Nina Delanović
Briefdinosaurs / giants of patagonia / guerilla / traveling exhibition

The Giants of Patagonia is the largest traveling exhibition about dinosaurs in the Southern Hemisphere. It was created in collaboration between the Natural History museum Rijeka and the company International Cultural Group Ltd., that owns the exhibition. Kombinat has been hired for guerrilla marketing, copywriting, conceptual design of the visual identity and its associated illustrations. The exhibition is located in the former warehouse Exportdrvo and it is open from July 2016 to February 2017. The exploration is just beginning is the main slogan of the exhibition which defines further communication. It calls for a re-exploration of dinosaurs, a questioning of existing material on the subject, a participation and a follow-up of information that will only be revealed in the future of scientific research.

The conceptual solution of the visual identity consists of the following elements:
1. Intense colours – since dinosaur’s colour can’t be determined with certainty (except for one species), a wide and unusual range of colours, approximately 10 to 15 colours, was used in the design. This spurred on further topic research, but also gained additional visibility of the project.
2. The illustration of dinosaurs is never fully displayed and it is located in different scenes. By browsing and respectively exploring the materials, piece by piece – poster, invitation, billboard – we are creating a story about an overall image.
3. Slogan – visible and striking: The exploration is just beginning.

Guerrilla marketing
For guerrilla, we used intense colours that were also used for the conceptual solution of the main visuals for the exhibition. The goal was to activate as many senses – to focus the attention on the subject, capture the imagination, entertain, educate, and inform about the upcoming exhibition. A game was made through the town center of Rijeka – metaphorically, the city streets and public spaces served as the place where the dinosaurs used to play and where they left their clues which lead to Export Drvo, the venue of the exhibition.

That is why the following elements/traces, which were thoughtfully upgraded and respectively positioned around town, were created: dinosaur bones used as benches, visual markings that indicate/show the height, length and weight of various dinosaurs, an interactive audio-visual installation that reproduces the sounds made by dinosaurs and indicates/shows the weight of the dinosaurs. While respecting certain guerrilla marketing regularities, text solutions/explanations that are found next to each element don’t reveal directly the subject, but are rather conceptually and visually unified – a short copy that evokes the theme and suggests the subject is found next to each element but calls for further research in order to put together a complete image.

Guerilla elements:
1. Bones:
benches in the shape of bones placed on Rijeka’s Korzo as well as the streets of Opatija – created in collaboration with Tomica Grubiša, academic sculptor;
2. Height/length: coloured stickers that indicate the impressive length and height of certain dinosaurs are placed on some town surfaces.;
3. Weight/sound: an interactive audio-visual installation that showcases the weight of dinosaurs is made on Kobler’s square – the markings of a big dinosaur foot (25 m2) have been positioned in the way to fit six people inside whose common weight is the approximate weight of a particular dinosaur. When all six people fit inside the markings, the sound made by dinosaurs is reproduced. The technical solution for the application was created in collaboration with Saft.
4. Footprints:  they represent the last phase of the guerrilla marketing. Smaller footprints in the shape of a dinosaurs foot “come out” from each footprint (bone, height/length, weight/sound) leading and directing towards Export drvo, the venue of the exhibition.


Graphic design:

Guerilla marketing :

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Follow the footprints of the Dawn Plunderer from the Valley of the Moon.