Gledaj (u)druge

Gledaj (u)druge

Gledaj (u)druge* is an initiative launched by fifteen NGO’s from Rijeka to inform citizens about the importance of their presence and their contribution to community. The NGO’s gathered in the initiative have created a several-day campaign which aimed at getting the public acquainted with the work of NGO’s and other civil society organizations, and raise awareness of the importance of their work for a society as a whole.

The campaign consisted of several activities:
1. two-day photo shooting with all interested citizens who wanted to send a message of support to NGO’s;
2. one-day festival which was held at the Rijeka Molo Longo where NGO’s presented their work through lectures, workshops and other activities.


Gledaj (u)druge launched a website through which all interested organizations could get involved in the initiative. Since its launch, the initiative was joined by 109 organizations which in 2015 carried out 829 projects and had a total of 146,749 users and 4,997 volunteers.

To join the initiative go to Gledaj (u)druge.

Gledaj (u)druge was initiated by Association for Civil Society Development SMART, Association for Performing Arts Prostor Plus, Association Creative Collective Kombinat, Ri Rock Association, Molekula Alliance of Associations, Filmaktiv Association, Human rights and civic participation Association Pariter, Association for Providing Help to Victims of Violence SOS Phone – City of Rijeka, Regional Youth Info Centre Rijeka – UMKI Association, Association for Family Protection U.Z.O.R. Rijeka, Delta Association, Šarolija Association and Center for Cultural Dialogue Ce’Ka’De’ Rijeka Association.


*The name of the initiative is a wordplay in Croatian language. Gledaj u druge would translate as Look at the others, with the connotation of the need to look around oneself and not be stuck in one’s own private community. On the other hand, udruge would translate as civil society associations. So, the wordplay would represent a call to look at the complex world of varied others through the work of civil society associations which take care of their needs and our common needs.


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