Kombinat on the first Design Week 2014 in Zagreb

Kombinat on the first Design Week 2014 in Zagreb

The first Design Week took place in Lauba in Zagreb from the 24th of April to the 27th of April. The organisers of the highly participatory and diverse program asked the members of Kombinat to join the CO-WORKING/DESIGN #tdzg part of the program, which featured: a POP-UP CO-WORKING ZONE, a shared space for work and collaboration of all participants and guests of the first Design Week in Zagreb, CO-WORKING & DESIGN /// BLOCK ///, the presentation of co-working and collaborative spaces from the region (Nova Iskra from Belgrade, Poligon – creative center from Ljubljana, KRITERION from Sarajevo), and FREELANCE DISCUSSION.

Kombinat joined Rational International collective (ZG) and Co-working Croatia (HDNP) in the FREELANCE DISCUSSIONs, on topics: Problems and needs of independent professionals from creative industries and The associations of independent professionals as freelance collectives.

The discussions gathered diverse creative individuals with the goal of thinking about the realization of the common space for work and collaboration. We diagnozed the needs, problems and methodologies for collaboration of independent professionals from the field of creative industries.

We stayed on Design Week longer than we planned, we met lovely people, and we participated on various workshops (on crowdfunding, portfolios, typography, and user experience), depending on our members’ preferences.

We especially enjoyed the fact that along with informal hanging out, participating in the discussions, getting introduced to various projects, collectives and initiatives, and participating in the workshops, we could do our usual work in the four-day coworking zone set up in Lauba.