TimeAugust 2015
Locationthe city of Rijeka
ClientAestus Ltd.
TeamSanjin Maržić / Mirna Gurdon / Marina Toto / Lea Jurin / Leo Kirinčić
Keywordsdevelopment company / tidal wave / visual identity

Aestus Ltd. is a development company that offers a range of services for a successful design, assessment and implementation of investment projects in Croatia. Aestus hired Kombinat for creating visual identity and slogan. The goal was to create a visual identity that would communicate responsibility and professionalism, and would be elegant and inventive at the same time. We used a traditional serif typeface Didot with clearly defined lines, but with bold contrasts between thin and thick lines.

We’ve utilized a dash from used typography and by merging letters and character created a wave in the letter e (because the Latin word aestus stands for a tidal wave). The slogan Aestus – Sets clear direction evokes the expertise and stability of the company, and in the context of a tidal wave which resonates the driving force and the upward trajectory, the slogan subtly underlines determination and clear vision as key characteristics of success.

Graphic design: