SOS telephone – the City of Rijeka

SOS telephone – the City of Rijeka
TimeMay 2015
LocationCity of Rijeka
ClientSOS telephone – the City of Rijeka
Keywordsconsultation / non-violence / prevention / solidarity / victims of violence

SOS Telephone – the City of Rijeka employed Kombinat to design a poster and an online newsletter with the theme of consultation and psychotherapy for women that were subject to domestic violence. We wanted to visually communicate the fact that consultation can help the victims of domestic violence. Our research showed that the victims in question are most frequently women, and that the usual symbol for raising awareness on the issue is a purple ribbon. We used these information in the design, and illustrations, for the posters. We made two posters: the first featuring an unknown woman, a domestic violence victim in grey-purple tones, with a hidden pixelated circle on her cheek covering a bruise, who is dreaming of a better life symbolized by birds.

The second featuring the same motive, only with different, darker and calmer, colors creating a more tranquil environment. For the publication that thematizes consultation and psychotherapy for women that were victims of domestic violence, we used the second, darker, poster as the basis for design. The composition of the publication is simple. The emphasis is put on the text, in accordance with which illustrations showing a vision of a better life, comfort and survival were created.

Graphic design: