bonTon(i) – Good Manners in the Contemporary World

bonTon(i) – Good Manners in the Contemporary World
TimeDecember 2014.
LocationCity of Rijeka
AssociatesPrimorsko-goranska County / Studentski kulturni centar [Student Culture Center] / University in Rijeka (UNIRI)
TeamSanjin Maržić / Stephany Stefan / Mirna Gurdon / Marina Toto / Anja Sušanj / Sara Livaić / Lea Jurin
Keywordsapplication / modernity / quiz / research

Aware of the fact that new media recently became a new social institution that forms and demands special ways of behaving, we decided to make a project named bonTon(i) – Good Manners in the Contemporary World, the goal of which was to remind the members of the contemporary society that there are still good manners in the world today and that those need to be adjusted to and translated into the language understandable to our times and circumstances. This is why bonTon(i) was created as a web application in the form of a quiz that represents a made-up research under the title Comparative analysis and development of communication on planets that use media for less then 1971 years, conducted by bonTon(i), a character – a researcher – coming from the Disrespectfully Respectful planet, much more developed in the field of media than is our own.

The quiz is made up of 12 funny questions which check the level of new-media manners and three Examples of good intergalactic practice bonTon(i) presents us with, which take the form of funny stories of behavioural practices from bonTon(i)’s planet. After the person answers all the questions, she is positioned in one of three catergories – Dancing between sky and dirt, Vienna school co-working with a boarding school or Damn, why are you so rude?

The project is supported by the Student Cultural Centre of the University in Rijeka, and Primorsko-goranska County.

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The insolently considerate intergalactic dr. Bontoni has landed on Earth.