Rijeka Development Agency PORIN

Rijeka Development Agency PORIN
TimeJanuary - February 2015.
LocationCity of Rijeka
ClientRijeka Development Agency Porin
TeamMirna Gurdon / Marina Toto / Lea Jurin
Keywordsdevelopment / redesign / slogan

Rijeka Development Agency Porin d.o.o. presents a whole range of activities for the regional development in the area of Primorsko-goranska County, but also Croatia. By promoting and realising projects of regional growth and by creating an enterpreneurial climate, RDA Porin cultivates potentials of the region and economical subjects through planning and managing sustainable development, and collaboration with local and foreign investors.
RDA Porin employed Kombinat to redesign their existing logo. During the conceptualisation and execution, the focus was on the modernisation and aesthetic freshening up of the existing logo. The goal was to create visual identity that sends out a clear visual message on what RDA Porin is, and which potentials it fosters. The sign of the logo is formed from the letter P, standing for Porin, and the letter A, standing for Agency.

Merging these two basic elements gives rise to a distinct sign resembling the letter R, standing for Agency’s purpose, Razvoj (Development in Croatian). The letter R is in a circle, which hints to the idea of the community. The warm grey color of the R evokes security, maturity and reliability, while the light blue circle around it emphasizes trust and responsibility. This logo contains all the meaning-bearing elements of the Agency’s name, while at the same time being a particular sign, thus emphasizing a successful realization of the process of development.
Finally, the slogan The integral part of growth defines and positions RDA Porin as the key player in the process of regional development and the successful enterpreneurial climate in Primorsko-goranska County.

Graphic design: