Conversations about Photography

Conversations about Photography
TimeCukarikafe Bar / city of Rijeka
LocationCukarikafe Bar / grad Rijeka
TeamDragan Kordić / Ivan Vranjić / Karlo Čargonja
Keywordsconversation / cukarikafe bar / culture / hanging out / photography

Conversations about Photography are a platform for connecting people working in the field of photography – amateur photographers, professional photographers, lovers of photography. It consists of a presentation of the works or ideas in the first part, and of a free style, relaxed conversation in the second part. We plan to bring guests from other parts of Croatia which will present us their works, but also join the conversation and offer us new perspectives on photography, which could shape our thinking futher.

The goal is to create a group of people that can think about photography critically and help others learn how to do the same. Conversations take place once a month, and whoever is interested can apply on