TimeDecember 2013
LocationCukarikafe Bar / city of Rijeka
AssociatesSmile – a group of photographers / Cukarikafe Bar
TeamDragan Kordić / Sara Livaić
Keywordsdesign / humanitarian action / photography

Kombinat participated in the design of the visual identity for the humanitarian action Smile, and by doing so, helped bring out a smile on the faces of the children of the Children’s Home Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. Given the humanitarian and photography-related nature of the project, design was, in both the visual and the production sense, kept minimal; a one-color logo derived from script typography and a simple flat illustration reflect the friendliness of the project.

The humanitarian action took place in Cukarikafe Bar and everybody with a smile and good intentions could have been a part of it. Taking photos with your friends, mother, brother, aunt, grandma, dog, and their smiles, was the only thing you had to do to do the good thing. The action took place just before the winter holidays.

Graphic design: %