Zeroth Days of Gallery SKC

Zeroth Days of Gallery SKC
TimeDecember 2013 (06. - 13.12.)
LocationPalach / city of Rijeka
AssociatesGallery SKC / Studentski kulturni centar [Student Culture Center] / Organ Vida [Organ of Sight] / University in Rijeka (UNIRI) / City of Rijeka
TeamStephany Stefan / Lina Ernjak / Dragan Kordić / Marina Toto / Marko Luka Zubčić / Ivan Vranjić / Karlo Čargonja / Anja Sušanj / Sara Livaić / Lea Jurin
Keywordsexhibition / gallery skc / lecture / mmsu / organ vida / palach / photography / uniri / workshop

Zeroth Days of Gallery SKC took place from the 6th to the 13th of December, 2013, before the official opening of the Student Culture Centre in the then un-renovated space of the cult club Palach. It was a collaborative project realized by Kombinat and the Gallery SKC that featured an exhibition, two workshops, two lectures and a roundtable. Zeroth Days opened with a photography exhibition by the finalists of the Fifth International Photography Festival Organ vida, with the theme of Spaces, and which featured a number of authors interpreting the issue of spaces in various ways. The photographers presented at the exhibition were: Jeppe Bøje Nielsen /Denmark/, Kai Löffelbein /Germany/, Sarker Protick /Bangladesh/, Venetia Dearden /UK/, Asmita Parelkar /India/, Maite Caramés /Spain/, Franky De Schampheleer /Belgium/, Justin Barton /UK/ and Michele Palazzi /Italy/.

One of the  internationally acclaimed photographers presented was also a Croatian, Mario Pucić, from Rijeka. Alongside the exhibition, the program featured two workshops (Photography that takes up very little space, taught by Luka Kedžo; and a Studio Photography Workshop, taught by Stephany Stefan and Ivan Vranjić), two lectures (From Camera to the Organ of Sight, taught by dr. sc. Dražen Domijan; and (Un)Real Space of Vectors, taught by Doris Puž), and a presentation-and-research roundtable Conversations about Photography (hosted by Karlo Čargonja). Two concerts took place during the Zeroth Days (Pick A Piper /Canada/ and Sven Nalis /Croatia, Rijeka/) as a part of Distune’s Dancing Friday Vol. 1. The official closing was marked by the opening of the exhibition with the works created during the workshops, and the beginning of the 35th Ri Rock Festival.

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The opening of the exhibition Zeroth Days of Gallery / 6. 12. 2014. ///

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Workshops, lectures and exhibition of the workshop / 6. 12. – 13. 12. 2013. ///


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