Memento II

Memento II
Locationthe city of Rijeka
ClientMolekula - Alliance of associations
TeamAnja Sušanj / Lea Jurin / Nina Delanović
Keywordscivil society / creative industries / union of organizations molekula

The concept for Alliance of associations Molekula‘s booklet is based on a timeline, emphasizing the logevity of Molekula. The texts are organized in a classical linear style. The civil society organisations are not paginated in a standard fashion but according to the years of founding and are presented in the booklet in the same order. They are also visually differently coded and break the text, thus allowing the double way of reading the booklet,  emphasizing the longevity and the years of founding, and making the user read all the information, whether they are essayistic or technical in nature. Each text features an illustration connected to its content. All illustrations have a common motive – household chores – due to the function of the booklet being civil society organizations bringing their dirty (and clean) underwear to the light of day.

In other words, the booklet is made in order for members of Molekula to present themselves without reservations to their colleagues in the creative industry sector. The two colors used as a basis for the booklet’s design are brick red and turquoise. Also, a red foil was used to additionally emphasize the visual identity of Molekula. Texts are separated with a page featuring elements from the three main illustrations. Titles and certain parts of the text are set-apart by both colour and design, and the three texts about Molekula are set-apart by initials. The booklet gives the feeling of monumentality and elegance with a dose of independence and creativity.


Graphic design:


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