Tolerance lives here – SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka

Tolerance lives here – SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka

Tolerance lives here is a citizen action organised by SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka, with the goal of raising consciousness about the importance of tolerance and non-violence in the local community. Kombinat created the graphic and textual solution for the action’s poster and leaflet. We must say that it is a pleasure for us to do work for this action that promotes non-violence in a positive way, and the winner of the action gets a special power – giving a gift of education to the association that needs it. Through this action, non-violence is tagged and affirmed, the public is educated on the importance of tolerant behaviour, and the winner is the one that gives the most. It’s a joy. One of the results of the action was making SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka more visible, thus making the victims of violence aware of the program of anonymous help and support. Congratulations to the crew from SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka for a creatively conceptualized project with an abundance of positive effects.

When it comes to the visual part of the project, the solution was based on multiple emphasis on the possibility of co-existence of differences. The diversity of colors and different parts of faces, as well as letters that enter each others space and are held together – all point towards this possibility. Instead of a horizontal layout, we chose a vertical one, thus escaping the need for locating the correct space of non-violence, which would restrict the use of the leaflet (in this case, the position of the person would be relevant).

The vertical shape subtly points to the location of non-violent behaviour. This solution is also interesting because it requires additional effort to be read – the additional effort required for tolerance, the conscious decision to respect the different and the width it brings. The textual part of the leaflet consists of a clearer articulation of steps towards participation made using call-to-action syntax.

And now, deservedly, more about the project itself:

Everybody who wants to point out positive examples of tolerance and non-violence in their environment can participate in the action which takes place until the 31st of October. You can participate by taking the Tolerance lives here leaflet or picking it up here. Put the photo up on the FB page of SOS Telephone – city of Rijeka, and collect likes for your photo. The winner is the person with the most likes by the end of the action, who gets the special power to award the association of her/his own choosing with an education worth 5000kn.