Visual Identity for Druga Rijeka

Visual Identity for Druga Rijeka
TimeOctober 2014.
LocationCity of Rijeka
ClientDruga Rijeka
TeamMirna Gurdon / Lea Jurin
Keywordsactivism / community / equality / LGBTIQ+ / visibility

Druga Rijeka is a LGBTIQ+ association from Rijeka, working in the are of Primorsko-goranska County with the goal to initiate the development and more a active engagement of the LGBTIQ+ community of Primorsko-goranska County, as well as connecting with (inter)national LGBTIQ+ organisations and civil society initiatives fighting for equality.
Kombinat was employed to design the visual identity of Druga Rijeka, and the guiding idea in the process of conceptualisation and execution was the notion of togetherness, the notion of creation and strengthening of the LGBTIQ+ community.
The result is a visual identity featuring an irregular circle (alluding to movement) inside of which there is a fragmented five-pointed star.

The circle symbolises the LGBTIQ+ community and its irregular edges constant (positive) change or motion. The elements within the circle – fragmented points of a star – symbolise the members of Druga Rijeka evoking constant (pro)activity within the LGBTIQ+ community. Two basic colours were used with a slight variation. The red colour has a high rate of visibility and calls to mind courage and decisiveness, while the (dark) blue gives the feeling of self-assurance and stability, and the combination of those two colours makes the visual identity alive and dynamic.

Graphic design: